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About the show

The World Dog Show 2014 is the highlight of the dog show year. It is the world's biggest dog show and on the final day the world's best dog is chosen.

The World Dog Show is held annually in one of the FCI-countries. The Finnish Kennel Club has the honour to host the show in 2014. The Finnish Kennel Club will also celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2014.

We warmly welcome the world’s best dogs to Helsinki in 2014. During the weekend 116 judges from 31 different countries will be judging the dogs. 30 of the judges are from Finland.

The Finnish Kennel Club organised the FCI World Dog Show also in 1998. Back then more than 16,500 dogs and 60,000 visitors from 45 different countries took part in the event.

Let´s make the World Dog Show in Helsinki the highlight of the year 2014!

The World Dog Show 2014 in Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki from 8th to 10th August 2014.